Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Charming Fun!

Since my last post, my polymer clay hobby has exploded. Slowly from February to now, I have been watching tutorial YouTube videos, pinning tutorials and charms on Pinterest, purchasing materials and supplies, creating charms (of course) and dedicated half of my "office space" to this art of crafting. Here is a picture of my current work area!

I've traveled from nail art to a few bricks of clay to this whole set up. I still love polish and want to combine my two loves. "Decoden" seems like the appropriate avenue for that. I just need to keep the word "practical" out of my head when I do eventually create nail art designs. But for right now, I will stick to making charms and cabochons. Speaking of decoden and cabochons, I am diving into that also. The making polymer clay charms and decoden are almost twins for me. I've already started on the first box I want to decorate. Here is a sketch.

It is a doctor who inspired box with decoden influences. I'm just adding one more piece of Dr. who fan art to the internet, yay! Here are some WIP pictures of the box and charms.

for some reason blogspot wants to flip my picture.

My exploration in polymer clay does not end here. I've made several charms and little cabochons but those will be with a different post. I've also experimented with silicone mix chalking for fake frosting and I will make a different post for that too. I will put links at the bottom for my Pinterest board and YouTube "Feeling Crafty" playlist.  That's my update! There's a lot but, it's brief! Thank you for reading!

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